Our Story

Sales , Marketing & Logistic talents
for Small , Medium and Large brands !

What makes DINGHSIUM

With more than 15 years experience of sales, marketing and logistic, DINGHSIUM  team had helped over 3,000 sku expand to Asia market. As fans of multi-culture , we select various categories, good quality also high value products all over the world and introducing into cross-border countries rapidly based on our mature sales relationships in Asia.​

 Mixed with sales and branding capabilities which keep an excellent brand growing in local market continuously.

✔ One-stop service from market research、sales management and logistic , best partner ever for managing Asia market.

✔ Quick respond to the market depending on fast sales data and market information gathering.

✔ Providing buyer consolidation service and flexible order quantity for small and medium buyers.


We specialize in supplying & sourcing grocery , beverage, FMCG and beauty products to various sales channel in Taiwan , Hong Kong and SEA.                           

Our Products

We offer various products, more than 3000 sku of well known international brands.

Snack & Sweet



Dried Fruit





Can & Noodles



Caned meat

Package food

Tea & Beverage


Tea bag/bottle



Soft drink

Bubble water



Spicy Sauce

Soy sauce

FMCG & Beauty

Personal cleaning


Skin care

Our Service

Its very crucial to “Translate“ each Brand’s U.S.P to be localized then communicate to the local market. DINGHSIUM provide Brand Management works including:

With an in-house designer team and acknowledge of both western and asian markets, DINGHSIUM has capability to make them more appealing to local consumers.

Preparing local Advertising materials including DINGHSIUM,internet media ,Film and poster ,POSM,etc.

Communication is more than translating , DINGHSIUM also make sure “localized” convey integrated culture element in words.

Composing with senior RR and Event talent, DINGHSIUM team leverage marketing resource including PR and event to make brand communication even more close to people living.

For a sustain sales in given market , DINGHSIUM supports brand exclusivity per country and provide sales related service including competitive analysis, shipping, sell-in, marketing, in-store promotion , merchandising ,training and even trade shows.

Separate procurement from multiple suppliers can make management complicated and time-consuming, and it can also increase the total cost, and usually small quantity orders  supplied from different supplies  may  not have the price bargain power and  may lead to losing the  competitiveness in the market.

With DINGHSIUM buyer’s Consolidation service buyer can have more efficient business operation strength including

Reduced cost

Buyer can reduce shipping cost by consolidating products from different suppliers/Brands for shipping.
You may select more than 3,000 sku products from multiple suppliers with small quality .

They are grouped at DINGHSIUM country consolidation warehouse before shipping. This realizes flexible order and  an efficient shipping scheme at a reasonable cost!

Increased sales

Through buyer-led logistics, you can control the delivery date and capture sales opportunities.

Also various sku options allow buyer either test a new market segment or channel, It is efficient to capture sales opportunities. You can realize distribution with quick delivery in expected time!

Decreased inventory

Through just-in-time delivery  you can reduce quantity of inventory.

It is possible to arrange transportation, fitting for high-frequency and small-lot shipment according to merchandise turnover. It leads to a reduction in excess inventory and increase domestic warehouse utility .

Our Partner

To serving our Customers, DINGHSIUM already had a wide and various selection of products sourced from more than 10 countries. (Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines ,etc.

For world class brands, DINGHSIUM team could work as on-demand sales team who represent your brand in-country, or your best distributor to make revenues manifest quickly.

DINGHSIUM is also the best choice for small & medium buyers, assist your business to grow in a more efficient & cost saving way.


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